Solved helps small businesses lower the time, stress, and spend involved in running their operations.

We build tools, systems, and methods to save you time and make you more money.

Problem Solving & Strategy Development

We've been solving our own small business problems for years, let us help you build a better business.

Workflow & Process Development

Things don't have to be complex or confusing, We create systems and workflows that just work.

Automation & Software Development

We build tools to take out the manual work using everything from no code to custom app development.

Interested in making your business run smoother?

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What is Solved?

Hello, I'm Josh Schultz, the founder of Solved.

I owned, built, and sold multiple small business in very traditional and boring industries. I dealt with all the same things you have:

  • Hard to get customers with all the competition and no way to stand out
  • Problems with employees, getting decent help, and keeping everyone on track
  • Information being everywhere, experiencing death by spreadsheets
  • Always multiple fires that prevented me from taking time off

But over the last decade, I also spent time reading, learning, and experimenting with what works and what doesn't in small businesses today.

What I realized is that most of the information out there is for large tech companies, which I didn't own or run. So I had to find new methods, systems, and technologies to help me grow my business without it falling apart first. I have tried and tested a number of operations strategies, failed a number of times, and eventually found something that works pretty much across the board.

Over the years I learned to build, optimize, and grow excellent small business, and I want to help you do the same!

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Interested in making your business run smoother?

Add your email and I'll be in touch shortly

Some of the problems we've tackled!

Here are some recent problems & projects we have undertaken for small businesses like you.

  • Built a documentation platform for a small company of 14 people so they could scale easier with less training.
  • Built a custom piece of software in order to automate the retrieval and entering of supplier information.
  • Built a custom dashboard for each executive with specific metrics
  • Built a no code solution using bubble for a company's internal communication
  • Lowered cash tied up in inventory by $2 million through inventory optimization of order quantities and levels.
  • Created an ERP and MRP system for a machine shop that managed material, orders, accounting, and quality requirements.
  • Raised cash flow by 10% by doing a thorough financial review, analyzing all costs, and restructuring the companies spend.
  • Built an automated order planning system for a large grocer

Reach out (about anything), and I'll help anyway I can!

Our background includes Small Business Ownership • Six Sigma Black Belt • Software Development • Machine Learning & AI • Supply Chain Management • International Expansion • Manufacturing